Roasted Goose
  Barbecued Suckling Pig
  Cold Steamed Chicken
  Chicken Marinated in Dark Soya Sauce
  Barbecued Pork
  Preserved Pettitoes
  Barbecued Suckling Pig with Assorted Meat
  Roasted Goose with Assorted Meat
  Soya Chicken Giblet
  Roasted Goose Liver (served at dinner)
  Soya Goose's Wing and Webs
  Shredded Jelly-Fish
  Crispy Roasted Goose in 2 Different Ways
(served at dinner, one day advance order)
      i.  Sliced Goose Skin with Chinese Pan Cake
      ii. Stir-fried Minced Goose Meat Served with Lettuce
  Preserved Eggs and Pickled Ginger (per person)
  Chinese Tea (per person)
  Braised Superior Shark's Fin in Brown Sauce
  Double-boiled Superior Shark's Fin with Chicken
  Braised Superior Shark's Fin in Brown Sauce
  Shark's Fin Bouillon
  Shark's Fin with Crab Cream
  Shark's Fin with Crab Meat
  Shark's Fin with Shredded Chicken
  Stir-fried Shark's Fin with Scrambled Eggs and Crab Meat
  Braised Supreme Bird's Nest
  Bird's Nest Soup with Crab Meat
  Bird's Nest Soup with Shredded Chicken
  Bird's Nest Soup with Minced Chicken
  Yung Kee's Imperial Abalone with Wine
  Braised Sliced Premier Abalone (Aomori, Japan)
  Braised Superior Abalone (Oma, Japan) in Oyster Sauce
  Braised Superior Abalone (Oma, Japan) with Fish Maw
  Braised Superior Abalone (Oma, Japan) with Goose Webs
  Braised Superior Abalone (Oma, Japan) with Mushrooms
  Braised Abalone (South Africa) in Oyster Sauce
  Braised Abalone (South Africa) with Goose Webs
  Steamed Live Fish in Soya Sauce
  Poached Sliced Fresh Whelk
  Braised Garoupa Tail
  Sauteed Fillet of Garoupa
  Sauteed Fillet of Garoupa and Vegetable
  Deep-fried Pomfret with Soya Sauce
  Braised Garoupa Head and Belly with Spring Onion and Ginger
  Braised Lightly Fried Head and Belly of Garoupa
  Deep-fried Garoupa Cutlet with Sweet and Sour Sauce
  Garoupa Cutlet with Cream Sauce
  Poached Fresh Shrimp (with Shells)
  Sauteed Scallops
  Deep-fried Scallops
  Sauteed Scallops and Vegetables
  Sauteed Sliced Fresh Water Goby (with Soup)
  Sauteed Prawns
  Deep-fried Prawns with Sweet and Sour Sauce
  Pan-fried Prawns (with Shells)
  Sauteed Prawns and Chicken Livers
  Sauteed Prawns and Bamboo Shoots
  Sauteed Prawns and Vegetables
  Shrimp Rolls
  Sauteed Shrimps
  Egg "Fu Yong" with Shrimps
  Sauteed Shrimps with Green Peas
  Sauteed Shrimps with Walnut
  Shrimps with Scrambled Egg
  Sauteed Fillet of Fresh Water Goby
  Sauteed Sliced Fresh Water Goby and Vegetable
  Sauteed Fresh Squid
  Fresh Squid and Peppers in Black Bean Sauce
  Steamed Crab (Full Cream)
  Steamed Crab (Full Meat)
  Baked Crab with Ginger and Spring Onion
  Baked Crab with Peppers in Black Bean Sauce
  Egg "Fu Yong"
  Deep-fried Crab Claws Coated with Minted Shrimps
(2 Pieces)
  Sauteed Frog's Leg and Bamboo Shoots
  Steamed Frog with Ham and Mushrooms
  Sauteed Frog with Vegetable
  Braised Frog with Gluten


Steamed Sliced Chicken with Ham and Vegetable


Baked Chicken in Rock Salt


Shredded Chicken in Oyster Sauce


Soya Chicken with Spring Onion and Ginger


Boiled Chicken and Vegetable


Sauteed Chicken with Black Beans and Peppers


Deep-fried Crispy Chicken


Pan-fried Chicken in Lemon Sauce


Braised Duck with Mixed Vegetable "Lo Hon" Style


Deep-fried Duck Coated with Mashed Taro


Braised Duck with Mushroom


Braised Duck with Vegetable


Braised Chicken in Oyster Sauce


Diced Chicken with Cashew Nuts


Shredded Chicken with Chilli


Sauteed Fillet of Chicken and Vegetable


Steamed Chicken


Sauteed Chicken Fillet with Celery

  Stir-fried Minced Pigeon Served with Lettuce
  Baked Pigeon in Rock Salt
  Sauteed Sliced Pigeon with Bamboo Shoots
  Grilled Pigeon
  Crispy Roasted Pigeon
  Braised Pigeon in Soya Bean Sauce
  Sauteed Shredded Beef and Celery
  Sauteed Shredded Beef and Bean Sprouts
  Pan-fried Beef Fillet, Chinese Style
  Sliced Beef with Oyster Sauce
  Sauteed Sliced Beef and Vegetable
  Sauteed Sliced Beef with Spring Onion and Ginger
  Sauteed Sliced Beef and Peppers in Black Bean Sauce
  Sliced Beef in Curry Sauce, Chinese Style
  Sauteed Sliced Beef and Walnut
  Shredded Pork with Asparagus
  Steamed Minced Pork with Salted Fish
  Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs of Pork
  Sweet and Sour Pork (Boneless)
  Baked Spare Ribs of Pork with Shallot
  Steamed Spare Ribs of Pork in Plum Sauce
  Deep-fried Spare Ribs with Spicy Salt
  Sauteed Shredded Pork with Chilli
  Strewed Bead Curd with Shrimps
  Braised Bean Curd
  Stewed Bean Curd with Shredded Chicken
  Braised Bean Curd with Assorted Meat
  Steamed Bean Curd Stuffed with Minced Shrimps
  Steamed Bean Curd in Soya Sauce
  Sauteed Asparagus with Shredded Chicken
  Four Kinds of Vegetable with Crab Meat
  Seasonal Vegetable and Mushrooms
  Vegetable with Crab Meat
  Stewed Mixed Vegetable "Lo-Hon" Style
  Vegetable with Oyster Sauce
  Sauteed Seasonal Vegetable
  Stir-fried Minced Beef Served with Lettuce
  Stir-fried Minced Cuttle Fish Served with Lettuce
  Pan-fried Cuttle Fish Stuffed with Minced Shrimps
  Deep-fried Fresh Squid with Spicy Salt
  Sauteed Cuttle Fish
  Scrambled Fresh Milk and Egg-white, "Dai Liang" Style
  Scrambled Egg with Barbecued Pork
  Scrambled Egg with Fish Maw
  Poached Pork Liver and Kidney
  Pan-fried Salted Fish
  Double Boiled Mushrooms and Chicken Feet Soup
  Double Boiled Mushrooms Soup
  Chicken and Vegetable Soup
  Pork Liver and Vegetable Soup
  Sliced Pork and Vegetable Soup
  Chicken Giblet and Vegetable Soup
  Dried Scallops Soup with Assorted Meat
  Shredded Duck with Fish Maw and Bamboo Shoots in Soup
  Mixed Vegetable Soup
  Bean Curd Soup with Assorted Meat
  Minced Beef Soup
  Mixed Seafood Soup
  Fish Maw with Minced Chicken Soup
  Minced Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup
  Fish Maw and Sweet Corn Soup
  Chopped Garoupa and Bean Curd
  Goose Webs and Bitter Melon
  Mixed Vegetables "Lo-Hon" and Goose Webs
  Sliced Beef with Spring Onion and Ginger
  Beef Brisket in Soya Bean Sauce
  Chicken and Pork Liver
  Bean Curd and Assorted Meat

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